monika lama

Driven by passion and determination to; empower the ARTIST, BUYERS and INVESTORS, and innovate the art industry and economy, Monika founded ARTPAY which is the only company in the world offering asset-secured, interest-free finance to acquire fine art and collectables

Monika is a practicing lawyer with over 15 years of experience within her area of expertise being complex international property settlements, binding financial agreements and property law. She also practices in Mortgage Law, particularly in 2nd mortgage loans.

She is the principal of Lama Family Lawyers. She has previously owned and operated 2 other successful businesses.

She is a former panel judge in the Swiss International Negotiation Competition, a Judge of the Brazilian National Negotiation Competition, a Judge of the Macquarie University Law Society Competition, a member of The Law Society of NSW, Fellow of the College of Law, was a former been a member of the Family Law Committee of The Law Society from 2016-2018.

She was an Executive Director on the Pain Foundation Board of the Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia 2020 to 2021

She holds a Bachelor of Science (Biomedical Science), Bachelor of Laws and Master of Applied Law (Family Law). She is responsible for capital raising decisions of ARTPAY.

marcello pinto

Marcello is a seasoned finance professional with more than 10 years of experience in investing in equities and 7 years in financial services, specifically, business-to-business lending. He has extensive experience in providing business restructuring and business growth advice across a variety of sectors. He worked as an investment banker at JP Morgan, Singapore and Deutsche Bank, Sydney. He has a history of success as a serial entrepreneur, having established and operated multiple businesses and has extensive experience in implementing the systems and processes required for companies to succeed.

He has exceptional leadership and project management skills and is a strategic decision-maker with strong communication, presentation and negotiation skills.

He holds a Bachelor of Art, Bachelor of Commerce and Master in Political Economy. He is the author of multiple books and articles and regularly writes for Motley Fool, Seeking Alpha, Off Wall Street and El Pais. He is also fluent in 8 languages.

jordan paris

Prior to starting PixCapital, Jordan has been instrumental in establishing investment banking and co-lending relationships, locally and internationally. As a Venture Capitalist partner and Entrepreneur In Residence at Sapien Ventures, where he previously served as CEO of HFG Capital, Jordan’s expertise in early-stage investment and corporate development has driven profitable strategic partnerships across diverse sectors.

His finance career journey began alongside high-net-worth family offices, spanning real estate, private debt, and private equity. Currently, he sits as Fund Manager & Executive Advisor at ArtPay, spearheading global deal-making and capital investments. Jordan is driven by a passion for philanthropy and early-stage start-ups, he is an entrepreneur at heart and divides his time between Miami, Singapore, and Sydney.

ben sinclair

Ben Sinclair boasts over 15 years of experience in the software and fintech sectors, demonstrating proficiency in project management, strategic planning, and product development. His expertise makes him a dynamic leader in the technology industry.

He holds an MBA with a specialization in Business and Marketing, providing him with a strong foundation in both technical and market-driven strategies.

Ben resides in Toronto, Canada, where he actively participates in the fintech community, promoting innovation and growth. His strategic and technology-driven approach has significantly contributed to the success of his projects and leadership.

Outside of work, Ben keeps abreast of the latest industry trends by reading tech journals and attending relevant conferences, further enriching his knowledge and network in the fintech field.